*About Me


About Me:

I started my consultation career as a president of International Students since I was 19 while studying in university. In this career I was responsible for the student’s affairs including university Tour, Orientations, residential issues and whatever else related to the International student and their well-being.


Couple of weeks being in that position, students and I created and established a great connection and friendship as I myself was also a foreign student and my issues were alike to the rest of  the students. In my interaction with them I realized many of the students are having number of different difficulties in their lives, as small as homesickness to feeling loss and difficulty to set Goals for their future and sticking to their plan. Therefore; since I was committed to my job and had been responsible to them, I decided to start reading as many self-help and personal development books as I could (beside university curriculum) to find a clue on how to help those fellas as well as myself to find purpose in life.


I was really keen to know what the real meaning of happiness is and how to achieve that virtue first for myself and then teach this phenomenon to those who need it.

Months went by and I gradually begin to realize how human nature is and how to nourish and empower it. Those studies and researches really helped me to get to know more about myself and begin to realize what my Mission in life is; and that was: “Helping others to find out and aid them to fulfill their dreams”. Doing this is what truly makes me happy and brings me satisfaction more than anything when I see people are contented and joyful.


Since then I began to attend to different Coaching and NLP workshops, seminars and pass the courses as well as reading many related books and articles accordingly.

And now; Here I am, so excited and aspiring to help you also find your MISSION in life and set your GOAL according to it and to accompany you all the way to your destination where you use your full potentials and to reach to your ideal life so that you would taste the real sweetness of happiness and prosperity.

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